Our daily commitment was already honored with the Best New Product Award in 2020, the Healthy Living Award in 2018 and the Energy Globe Award in 2013.

Winner Best New Product Award 2020

On the occasion of VIVANESS, the world‘s leading international trade fair for natural cosmetics, the trade audience voted for its top innovations in seven categories at the Best New Product Awards. Eliah Sahil received the innovation award „Best New Product 2020“ for the dental care products „Organic Dental Powder Ginger“ and „Organic Tooth Oil Turmeric“.

Winner Healthy Living Award 2018

The Healthyliving Award is an accolade for innovative products that embody a healthy lifestyle. In 2018, ELIAH SAHIL received the Vegan Award in the Beauty Prod- ucts category. The brand’s powder shampoo scored high marks not only for its unique formulation that excludes surfactants, preservatives and fragrances but also for its plastic-free packaging and sustainable refill concept.

Winner Energy Globe Award 2013

The Energy Globe Award recognizes projects and products that focus on energy efficiency, resource conservation and the use of renewable energies. The aim of the Energy Globe Award is to create awareness on how to solve environmental problems and show that everyone can make a positive contribution. In 2013, the Energy Globe Award was conferred on Silvio Perpmer, founder of Planet Pure, in recognition of his organic products and unique business philosophy.